Saturday, December 15, 2007

Walking in my Winter Underwear...

This weekend is the "stay at home and bake/craft/wrap extravaganza!!" As you can see, central Ohio is being bombed with the big white fluffies, so sister and I are both staying indoors and wrapping up our loose ends.

I have my very first cookie exchange to look forward to on Monday, and so far there will be 19 ladies in attendance; in preperation I made something very simple, yet festive, and quite nummy! Nothing is better than salty and chocolate mixed in the same bite, YUM!

I was even so thoughtful to have made a batch that was sans nuts, for my nut-allergy friends. What a gal.


Chucka Stone Designs said...

Chocolate coverd pretzels = I wish I lived in Ohio :)

Everything looks yummy!

Arian said...

Those look so good!

Karen Kearney said...

OMG those look good!! I love the sweet and salty together!

Kathy Maximo said...


Sadie Lou said...

Those look scrumptious!!
Did I find you? Are you Christina??
~Sadie Lou

Renita said...

I can't believe Ric Rac.. That I didn't realize that you are a fellow BUCKEYE!
I live in south central ohio ;)
Circleville to be exact.
And I want some of those darn pretzels !! hahaha.. a month late.. but You'll have that!