Saturday, February 23, 2008

Rethinking, Restyling, Relaunching

This time of year, when the sun's been hiding out and we've been looking at the same old walls and same old furniture and eating the same old comfort food, it's definitely time for a change. I think that's one reaosn why we spring clean--we just can't stand the blah-ness of everything any longer and clean in hopes that it'll make it all seem even a little bit new again.

With that in mind, we've decided to relaunch RicRacSally on Etsy. We've gotten a new banner made, we're having our avatar tweaked, and we're busy like little bees making happy pretty shabbilicious new things for the shop! We plan on closing down sometime the week of March 10 and then reopening March 14, just in time for TulipMania with the CSST! We're going to do the same thing here on the blog and make everything new and shiny.

I can't wait.
And I hope you're all just as excited by the new look when it happens as we are!

Saturday, February 9, 2008

Is it spring yet?

So last week was a doozy! I was down most of the week with a stomach virus, and it was NOT pretty. But yesterday I finally felt like a human again. So what did I do? I bought myself flowers at Trader Joe's!

I can't wait until the ones in the yard start blooming. Well, on second thought I can because flowers mean weeds! But for now, the idea of it being warm and colorful out is enough to make me feel better :) And when I feel good, I feel like CRAFTING!

Thursday, February 7, 2008

Cottage Style Street Team

We've officially become part of a brand new street team on Etsy: the Cottage Style Street Team (CSST), started by Sadie Lou of SadieLouWho (see her blog in the list on the sidebar).

We've been on Etsy for 6 months or so and listing since October, so it's exciting to be able to join a group and be a part of something bigger than just our little shop! We hope that it gives us an opportunity to get to know other Etsians as well as bring more people to RicRacSally. Things have really slowed down at the shop, what with the holidays and deep, dark winter settling in. So it'll be nice to greet the spring with some new inspirations, new listings, new friends, and--hopefully--new customers!

Now if only the sun would come out so we could take some nice photos!

Sunday, February 3, 2008

Favorite Fabrics...

I have loads and LOADS of fabrics. I am a Fabric Junky, and so is my sister. Most of my purchases today have justification, as I make things out of them for etsy, or gifts, but every once in a while I come across something that I cannot part with. I had originally planned on using this black and white polka dot with the pink and magenta flowered vintage table cloth to make an apron to sale on etsy, but I just can't do it!

I also have favorite fabrics whose fate I have not yet decided. My sister gave me a big chunk of this gorgeous striped silk with embroidered flowers (Sweet peas? Poppies?). It may eventually be a purse...

I go gaga over anything with a Japanese aesthetic; I bought this stretchy faux silk last year, and still haven't made anything out of it yet. It will probably become a summer top. (sorry so dark!)

Sister also got me this fabric, many many moons is sheer black with black sequins in horizontal bands along elasticized gathers. I absolutely heart it, and have made the underskirt in a pale pink, I just need to finish it! She also found a remnant of it much later, so that I can make a matching top!! Such a shopper!

Last is my favorite drawer at my craft table--not fabrics, but certainly necessary to RicRacSally!! Hope you share your faves with us!!

Saturday, February 2, 2008


Okay, the baby isn't technically mine, she is actually my new step-grandbaby, but I still claim her!! Hey, I paid my step-mommy dues...

So, anyway, when my daughter was born, my sister made her a great little blanky; little did we realize how important "blankie" would become. My daughter (Bella) is now 7, and still insists on blankie for sleep, play, sitting at the table, and visits to auntie's house. My step-daughter, the new mommy, has seen Bella grow up with blankie, so wanted one for her new little girl. Bella even found, out of the rows and rows of lace at the store, the original style of edging from her own that is what I used for this one.
I sent the blankie out on tuesday, baby was born on thursday morning...and after my husband talked to her, we found out that she actually will be spelling the baby's name "lilly" instead of "Lily" as I had on the blanket. Sigh.