Thursday, February 7, 2008

Cottage Style Street Team

We've officially become part of a brand new street team on Etsy: the Cottage Style Street Team (CSST), started by Sadie Lou of SadieLouWho (see her blog in the list on the sidebar).

We've been on Etsy for 6 months or so and listing since October, so it's exciting to be able to join a group and be a part of something bigger than just our little shop! We hope that it gives us an opportunity to get to know other Etsians as well as bring more people to RicRacSally. Things have really slowed down at the shop, what with the holidays and deep, dark winter settling in. So it'll be nice to greet the spring with some new inspirations, new listings, new friends, and--hopefully--new customers!

Now if only the sun would come out so we could take some nice photos!


Southern Lady's Vintage said...

Hi! I too have joined the Cottage Style Street Team! I hope you will stop by my blog and visit me sometimes!

myhools said...

It's so nice to be on the same street team!!!!