Wednesday, December 5, 2007

It's beginning to look a lot like...yeah, you know the rest of the song.

So we got our first (real) snow today! About 4 inches or so, and it's still coming down. It looks just fabulous--well, it looks fabulous outside. I'm so glad I don't have to drive to work in it! :)

Having grown up where it doesn't snow, I still get a thrill when I wake up and the light is of that "just snowed" quality--everything is brighter but muffled. It's still amazing how silent a snowstorm is; all of this business going on right outside and you can't hear it like, say, thunder.

Weather like this makes me want to light every candle in the house, make cookies, and watch Little Women. That's my "snow movie." But with so much work to do, it'll have to wait a few days.

Now if only I had time to do some serious Chrismtas decorating! I know that some of you early birds have already decorated, but growing up we didn't put our tree up until one week before Christmas. It felt more special that way. Now that I have a fake tree (yeah, I gave in on that one finally) I suppose I could put it up whenever...

In the spirit of Christmas trees, these are my newest creations! (all available on Etsy, of course ;)

The lavender one with the girl in the hood is the most holiday-ish of the bunch. But there's something of the sad Christmas in this soldier's face.

And the lady above looks like she's decorating! Plus, the frame is robin's egg blue--one of my favorites!

And this pink one makes me happy because I got engaged on Christmas day (14 years ago!).

Most of my Christmas deocrations are silver, white, and red, but making these ornaments makes me want to rethink that color scheme!

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heather said...

What pretty decorations!