Friday, December 14, 2007

Loose Ends...

Not as if Christmas is a loose end, but you know how things sneak up on you!

While sister is totally on the ball with her tree up, place decorated, and even gingerbread house frosted and nibbled, I haven't been so hip to the holiday. On the one had, this should be my last Christmas in my house--an old Victorian with high ceilings and different colored walls in each room. It's made to be decorated for Christmas. On the other hand, I won't be home on Christmas and have been so busy with work that I just couldn't make up my mind about big-time decorating or having a party or any of it!

Finally, yesterday, I had breathing room. I decided that instead of getting all crazy and preparing for a party, I'll see my "girls" for lunches. In fact, we had a craft day earlier this week, and I got to exchange gifts with the girl I've known the longest here in Ohio. I also decided to decorate my mantle. But I gave myself one rule: no unpacking any of the boxes of decorations in the basement.
So I gathered up the old books that are on my mantle all year and wrapped them in pieces of velvet and plaid ribbon found up in the craft mess. Rummaged around for lacy doilies and such. Found some candle holders hiding in cupboards and on shelves. Spent my $10 lottery winnings on a wreath (for the smell!) and cut bits off the back of it to tuck here & there among photos of me screaming my head off on Santa's lap! So, color me decorated. (I apologize for the dark pics, but it's winter and I have burgundy walls--'nuff said!)
We do have some other unfinished business:
First, we must give a hearty THANKS to TheVintageKitchen, who gave us a very nice shout-out in her VintageIndie blog! Thanks so much :)

Second, Kathy at Vintage Snaps and Scraps added us to a meme list; we've both been in the bunny hole and will add our meme soon (most likely this weekend during the storm!).

Third, we'd like to thank everyone for checking out our first extensive feature (of abibansaldesign). We're in the process of choosing our second "victim." Will it be you?

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Dharma Designs said...

Very nice pictures! I must admit - I have my shopping done, but no decorations yet. :-)