Sunday, June 8, 2008

Show & Tell Sunday

This is my first time joining in on a Show & Tell Sunday, so be gentle with me! But when I saw that the theme this week was Trash to Treasure, I knew I had to jump in.

I have my share of old bits & pieces that I've salvaged and scrabbled for--some little, some big, some in good shape, and some not-so-good ... but most big and funky, much to the annoyance of Mr. RicRacSally.

This is one of my first finds. I love the chippiness and couldn't bring myself to "fix" it!

In fact, we now have a deal: I bring in a new old piece of furniture, and I have to take one out. That was the deal with this (I call it the divorce cabinet):

Sorry I don't have any "befores." But the veneer is shot on the sides, there were spiders living underneath it, the paint flecks off it all over (and I didn't primer it very well!), and it weighs about a zillion pounds. Oh, and it was meant for my craft room upstairs ... but our house rejected it (OK, we have a very narrow "servant's staircase" in the back of the house with a right angle in it--and that plus my fat ass just didn't work, k? sheesh! :)
But this--THIS is my baby. A craft buddy used to live down the block, and one day I walked into her back yard for whatever reason and found this!!

She'd been sitting on it, using these sad old pillows. The plan was to fix it up, but as she was moving and the 'hood was having its annual trash to treasure sale (yep, it's really called that here!--and it's next Saturday!) she was willing to sell it to me .... for $25!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Mine! ALL MINE!!!! (We won't repeat what DH said when he got a gander at this.)
After some cleaning, a few coats of paint, a staple gun and fabric (to cover the springs), some sewing (I did the back pillows) and a visit to the upholsterer (to make the cushion that looks like an old French mattress), here's my beauty:

There are actually three colors of paint (a light aqua, a darker one, and white):

Every time I walk into the guest room, it makes me happy :)

Now I just have to figure out what to do with this:

Now, be sure to hop on over to visit our host, Analise, on her blog Sugar*Sugar to see a list of all of this week's other participants!


Our Back Porch said...

OMGosh! Your beauty is a TRUE beauty! You lucky, lucky girl. You did a fabulous job on it!!
Thanks for sharing.

Hugs and Blessings,

Elly said...

Your trash became defenitely treasures! That couch is gorgeous!!! But I love your cabinet too!

Clever Karen said...

Nice stuff - I love that white cabinet!

Kathy said...

I love the cabinet in your first picture and the white cabinet is just beauitful!!! Love the little couch too!!! Thanks for sharing.


The Rose Cottage said...

Great to see you joining in Show and Tell :) I just love your "divorce cabinet", and the setee from your friend, what a transformation.

Thrifty Miss Priss said...

For the Love of GOD! I'm drooling here-that daybed! So beautiful! You did a wonderful job. Love that cabinet too! Sounds like your hubbie doesn't have "the vision" like you do!

Barbara at Oodles and Oodles said...

Your settee turned out amazing. Worth all the work I'm sure you put into it!

Di said...

I love all your treasures especially the french daybed! So cute! Thanks for sharing today. Hope to see you again. Di

vintage paper bella~andrea said...

This was my first time too! our projects are fabulous!

Stephanie ~ Angelic Accents said...

Golly gee-willikers!!! Don't know if I love the cabinet or the daybed best! Golly! You have some gorgeous pieces there, girlfriend!!

Thanks so much for sharing!!!!

Angelic Accents

Karin said...

Wow!! That couch/bed is amazing!!! Love it! Hey..guess what I got done. I'm going to email to you now! Karin@creativechaos

Christa said...

I love that daybed. It is gorgeous! The divorce cabinet is great too! I keep dragging home furniture and my husband just looks at me.....I've got to start clearing it out ;o).


Chloe Rose

Heidi ( said...

Loved the post of your's! (Had me laughing!) My husband is the same way, "NO MORE!" But I know how to get it here even with that...

I sure love your craft cabinet! It really turned out gorgeous!


Cindy@Cutepinkstuff said...

Beautiful make overs! There is so much satisfaction in completing projects and enjoying the final product!

dede warren said...

This too was my first time joining in with the Sunday Show & Tell, great minds I believe. Loving all the goodness you have found and have & have not madeover. Love all that chippy paint, as well as the BIG OL' white piece, you know the one that wouldn't fit up the stairs. You crack me up with your analogy of why not, silly girl!

Carriers*Cozy*Cottage said...

I love your Blog Sally !!!


Jeanie said...

Your day bed -- amazing!

Lisa B. said...

I love the couch and the "divorce cabinet!!! They are awesome!! Great job!

Catnip Studio said...

RR, love all of your beautiful finds, and I'm mad about the little red Marakesh-like table! Awesome blog!

miss gracies house said...

I like that cabinet-don't ya just hate when things get in the way, though?! Stairways are just not flexible!
Great treasures!

Shabby Addict said...

LOVE your "baby"!! You did such a beautiful job sewing those pillows! I also loved the chippy old dresser. I wouldn't have touched it either.

Kat said...

Wow Tiff! Really nice job on that day bed!! I want one! As for that red table, I would put a crackle glaze over the red then paint it white LOVE white and red together!!