Thursday, June 19, 2008

Lotsa projects!

I am one of those people that tries on new projects, but has trouble actually getting to them. My drawers are filled with fabric, ricrac, patterns, beads, scrapbook supplies, and yarn...Tiff got me this rockin' turqoise yarn a while back, and I never knew what to do with it. My crochet knowledge has never gotten past single, double, and triple crochet--therefore lots of scarves. SO, I got a book from the library (which, I find, tends to encourage more projects)!

AND, I have started this! A flower! Hold the applause...I intend on making a few of those things that go on the table or counter that you set hot things on them. Are they called hot pads? Anyway, my initial plan was a big flower throw, but not too sure my interest will last that long. I will keep you all posted.


Deb said...

Sally, I love your blog! You are a wonderfully entertaining writer and I'm adding you to my reads. Congrats on the crochet flower. I crocheted....once! :-)

I'd love you to stop by my cottage chic blog. Have a great day!

Cami said...

I wished you sold your aqua flowers. I'd be the first in line! I have the perfect place for one!!! Enjoy your summer. I've been working on my doctorate for two LONGGGGGGGGGGGGGG years. Taking a sabbatical @ the moment and fluffing my own house and tending to my little eBay business.