Friday, May 16, 2008

Wading in the Vintage Waters

After much discussion, we've decided to change direction a bit in our Etsy shop. A while back, we listed our first ever supplies: a set of 20 vintage crazy quilt squares. They sold, and they sold fast....

So, in hopes of destashing and clearing our craft rooms (as well as our minds), we are going to start listing vintage and supplies, and some vintage supplies!

I have a huge stash of vintage odds & ends. Many were collected for the sole purpose of making shadowbox collages, like this one (still available in our shop!). I'll be listing bundles of vintage sewing bits & bobs, vintage baby-themed items, and other assorted "stuff" that's perfect for someone wanting to make her own romantic art.

Our first vintage listing: this fabulously girlie ruffled pink & white doily!

Soon to come: some vintage chenille (with the fringed edge!). Also on its way are amazing vintage rhinestone buttons, vintage sewing supply "bundles," some sheet music, and great paper goods.

So stay tuned and keep an eye on RicRacSally :)

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