Monday, May 12, 2008

Crafting for a Cause

Fellow Etsy Cottage Style member and Etsian, Christina at Tangerine Dreams, had a great idea ... and, for a worthy cause, I'll follow suit to get the word out!

Jewel, another fellow ECS member and a lovely person, has told her story over on the Etsy Cottage Style blog. But what's even more important is that she's come up with a way to create something bigger by asking fellow artists and crafters to band together to make a special altered book that wil be auctioned later this year, with all proceeds to go to a children's charity close to her heart. Go to the blog to read all about it.


Opheeelia said...

I'm so impressed and in awe with this. I'd contribute but I'd get way too OCD over it or think it wasn't good enough.
It's truly amazing.

Ravenhill said...

This is so wonderful! How nice that you are spreading the word!