Wednesday, July 30, 2008

Have the leaves turned yet?

Every year, I get all excited when the snow melts and spring starts to peek its soft green head up out of the ground. And then it's halfway through July and I could give a flying leap about any of it outside. Too hot. Too muggy. Too many bugs. (And I'm a particularly sweet kind of bug sugar--I have to Off! myself just to walk out the back door.) Right about now, I'm hoping for a tiny cold front--enough so that I can get out my jeans and Docs, a favorite jacket, and go walk arund in the refreshingly crisp air without worrying about sweating. But it's barely August. The only cool thing about August is that my birthday is later this month, and I firmly believe that my birthday should be a national holiday--at least for me :)

Some cool things to look forward to:
As if my autumn won't be exciting enough (those in the know, know), lookie what's coming in November! Harry Potter and the Half Blood Prince, the trailer for which has just been released!!

Soup, casseroles, red beans & rice, and crumbles! I just made this tray of blueberry crumble squares (thank you Smitten Kitchen!).

Go check out her pics--waaaay better than mine. Oh, and I only had 2 cups berries, but it still tastes great. (I was supposed to wait until they were fully cooled before eating ... yeah right! I scooped some out and ate it with a fork from a bowl. Had to be sure they weren't poisonous...)

Until then, I guess I'll have to make do with homegrown toms. I just popped out into said buggy yard to dump stuff into the compost and made a pit stop at the mater plants. First of many harvests:

Oh, and in case anyone was wondering, the buttons ALL found homes!


Tracy M. said...

I know just how you feel about the heat of Summer, can't wait for Fall. Too bad we just can't have Spring and Autumn all year. Great tomatoes!!
Tracy M.

twiddlestix said...

And here I am wishing for an endless summer! ;) I do love fall too though, and when it comes I will enjoy it. I hear you on the bugs though...can't stand 'em!

Deb said...

Too funny! I am SO with you on the too hot thing. We had 20 straight days of 90+ temps here in Colorado and today was the first day in ages that we had a cool and cloudy day. I loved it! Fall is my favorite season!