Wednesday, March 5, 2008

U23D is FantAbulous!!!!!

Finally got to see the show last night--and I almost have the same feelings of withdrawal today that I did after seeing them live back in 2005!! (pics below, and YES, tiff and I were that close!!) For those of you that are curious about how the 3d-ness is, let us say that it rocked--it wasn't that throw-things-in-your-face-and-duck kinda 3d; it was more the I'm-totally-there 3d, and--of course--our boys were amazing up close.

They played the usual faves, and we got to see Bono belt out his bit of opera from Miss Sarajevo; there was even a generous dose of "boy love" which we are big fans of. Very interesting was the flashes of reality: the drink, tissue box, and tidy trash can by Larry's drum set, and close-ups of our most brill' guitar player's hands (that would be "Mr. The Edge, 2U). Adam was his usual posh self, with lovely pantalones.

Sigh. You must go see it if you haven't!! LOVE THE BOYS!!

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