Saturday, March 15, 2008


OK, with all of the sewing, gluing, glittering, and general all-around creating we've been up to--as well as redesigning this blog AND relaunching the Etsy shop, I have put off responding to the "tag-you're-it" we got a couple of weeks back from Gabreial at VintageIndie...only to find that we've been tagged again by Jaime at StinkBoneJones!

The first was for 7 bits of randomness, and then we were supposed to tag 7 others. The latest is for 5 bits of trivia.

To make it easy on everyone--and to avoid adding to the craziness!--I'll post 6 things. Dena can post her 6 later. And we'll randomly tag others :)

How's that?

So, here goes:
1. I always have chapstick on my right pocket. ALWAYS. My family says I’m addicted. I say not. I just don't like chapped lips :)
2. I nearly always have Kleenex in my left pocket. Yes, inside I’m an 85 year-old-woman!
3. My socks have to match, even if they’re just white ones—they have to be the same “kind” of white ones!
4. I don’t like white walls—nearly every room in my house is painted a different color.
5. Every now and then I can whistle, but for the most part I am unable to!
6. When I eat a sandwich at a restaurant, I often get bored halfway through and eat just the insides of the second half.

Dena's 6:

1. I see nothing wrong with being in my jammies all day if there is no need to leave the house.
2. Ditto with making the bed: why bother when I will mess it up again when I get back in tonight?
3. I take my socks off when I get in bed, so by the end of the week when it is sheet changing time, there are about 6 or 7 pairs at the foot of the bed, under the covers.
4. I haven't listened to a new band in years.
5. My daughter accidently O.D.'ed her cat this morning with Ace (a tranq that is used for dander reduction); I secretly like the cat better this way.
6. I have a harder time spending money on something that costs $3.00, than on something that costs $30.00. Go figure.

Hmmm...who to tag?



Alisa said...

#2 = ROFL!!! I scared the dogs I laughed so loud!

I Heart That! Dance said...

OMG! The sandwich thing! ME TOO!!! Mum says it makes me look like either a two-year old or a low-carb fanatic :P

The Vintage Butterfly said...

I'm off to think of my random randomness...

twiddlestix said...

LOL!! You guys are great! Love your answers...sorry, didn't know you had beed tagged so recently! ;)