Saturday, January 3, 2009


Ahhh....choo! A dusty last couple of days were had, but soooo worth it! As many of you know, we bought a house a few months ago, and I have been giving the wall in between the kitchen and dining room the evil eye ever since. My father-in-law decided that he would come help us take it DOWN, foolish man! (Actually, he did most of the work.)
Before, in all its hideous mustard glory:

During, and notice that dave still has on his pajamas:

Roger, electrical mastermind:

The easy part is done:

Almost done! All we need to do now is some patching and painting...the electical blucky took about 12 hours one day, and another 5 the next. They were three ways switches, and I guess those are harder?? Hm. Who knew.
Silly boys:


SewMuchDetail said...

OH My gosh!! Awesome....I hope you are doing well my friend!! You obviously have been insanely busy!! Miss ya:)

Libby Buttons said...

OMG! These types of projects are always soooo stressful. Wishing you a smooth completion.

Heather Snediker-Morscheck said...

Whoop, Whoop! Ding dong the wall is dead! The wicked wall, the wicked wall....