Tuesday, September 16, 2008

We're not in Kansas anymore!

On Sunday, Hurricaine Ike blew through Ohio. No, really. It did!

I know that what happened here is in no way close to what happened when Ike barreled through Galveston and its close neighbors, but this took everyone here totally by surprise. We had 75 mph wind gusts and sustained winds of somewhere around 40-50 mph at times. It was crazy. This is the view out my front door.

Luckily that BIG tree (see the trunk? The tree itself is around 4-5 stories high) didn't fall. I guess it's been there long enough that it would've fallen by now if it was so inclined! However, we lost a LOT of trees in the 'hood... and fences... and some power lines... and roof shingles... and at least one chimney that I know about.
Here's a side street:

They just this afternoon took this tree away.

and the alley:

We didn't lose power in our 'hood, but the 'hood on the other side of the cemetery (which lost some really big, really old trees, too) hasn't had power since Sunday. Schools are all closed, many businesses are closed, and ice is hard to come by.

Unfortunately, sister, who lives 70+ miles to the east, is without power until at least Thursday. I got an email from her last night--she was at school and, of course, they had power! But she's worried for her 1/4 cow, which is slowly thawing in the basement freezer :(

Because of this, and because I leave for my writers' retreat in a few days, we won't be around much the next ten days or so. Take care everyone, and if you were in the "real" path of the hurricaine, I hope you're back up & running soon!


p.s. We have to thank Christina of My Tangerine Dreams and Shannon of Magick Garden Studio for the award they bestowed upon our blog.

We'll be sure to pass it along soon!


Sherry said...

Ike had very far reaching arms...we had some nasty winds up here in Toronto as well but not as damaging as what you had, or what devastation took place in Texas and other parts of the south.

Enjoy your retreat....I know you will!

Debbi said...

OMG Tiffani--if we had 70+mph winds here in Oregon it would be a BIG deal, and considered a major storm for us!! So I glad you and yours and the "hood" made it thru safe.

Mrs.Kwitty said...

Wow--those are some serious winds! I'm glad you didn't sustain any serious damage and that your old tree survived!

Have a really nice retreat (oooh, that sounds nice...I think I need a retreat! lol) and we'll see you when you get back.

Smiles, Karen

Opheeelia said...

ew! What a mess! Glad you're ok!

Pieceful Bits said...

Tiffani..glad ur safe! That was pretty windy! My sis lives near Dayton and they were without power for at least 3 days.
I live in Indiana and our county received lots of damage from rain/flooding. Thank goodness we didnt have to deal with it, but so many others had to. Most of the school districts in the area had to cancel school for 2 or more days.

Deb said...

I haven't seen heavy wind like that here in a long time, thank goodness! Glad you came out ok!