Saturday, August 16, 2008

You'll hear me comin'!

Over the past few months, I've found new homes for nearly 600 buttons in my quest to declutter the craft room. However, I kept many, many buttons. The good ones. The ones I inherited from grandma. The ones she inherited from someone else. The really really old ones that I just could not part with. But keeping heirlooms in boxes or bags, hidden away from the light of day, isn't the way to keep them or show them--or who you inherited them from--any respect.

So last night I channeled grandma by setting up shop on the tv tray in front of the Olympics and crafting.

I made two noisy bracelets!

This one has a copper base and is covered with all of the Victorian metal shank buttons in the collection:

This one has a silver base, better to show off the glass buttons.

Aren't they cute?? And NO ONE has a bracelet like either one of them!

I might make a couple more. I still have a bunch of funky plastic and bakelite buttons and several mother-of-pearl ones in the collection.



Catnip Studio said...

They are GORGEOUS! What a great way to display and enjoy your treasured button keepsakes! Kathy

Opheeelia said...

ohhhhhhhh, ahhhhhhhhhhhh. I love these! Selling your buttons, sacrilige! heh, heh. Shall I send you some more? :)

ricracsally said...

A: They ROCK, and B: How come you got all the cool gramma-stuff? I got nuttin.

ricracsally said... I'm older? Hey--you got the boobz!
Do you really think I'm not gonna share?? :)

Amy said...

Your button bracelets are just awesome. What a creative use of your gorgeous buttons. Thanks for visiting me today. Please stop by again any time. Amy :)

ricracsally said...

As LONG as I get to make copies of the gramma-picture on your library wallllll..... ;)

Sherry said...

600 buttons?!?!?! Wowzer!!! But Tiff, the bracelets are gorgeous!! I love them both but I could so see me wearing that first one!! You've done a fabulous job and I hope you enjoy every minute of wearing these!

Sherry said...

Girls, fighting over things...grandma won't like that!! ;) She channeled me and said "Sherry, tell Tiffani and Dena to play nice"!!!

Southern Lady's Vintage said...

I LOVE the button bracelets!! And what a wonderful keepsake!!